Still here, but getting Conservatives elected to H'gey Council comes before blogging!

Hunter hasn't been blogging for a while - energies have, instead, been put into May's local (and national?) elections. Tottenham Conservatives have found some really excellent candidates to fight Labour hard in every ward (see some of our newly-selected candidates, above).

Money is pouring in the form of small donations from local residents.

Blogging costs time. From now until May, blogging will be lite.

Labour in Haringey, though, is still in chaos. Further defections from Lab-to-Cons are likely before May.

Hunter has never been so upbeat about Tory chances in Haringey....

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Shaft N17 said...

All that Labour stuff dried up, huh?

It was good, real good, at the time.

We in election time now, baby! Ain't you got nothin' bout the other side? Now surely be the time...