Labour rebels challenge Goldberg and Kober's authority

As Hunter has previously reported, two Labour councillors - one senior and another who has just been re-adopted - are in talks with the Lib Dems about defecting. This is a serious challenge to the authority of the Labour Chief Whip and Council Leader.

If Hunter were Labour's Chief Whip, I'd be demanding to know from all my Labour colleagues answers to the following questions:

1. Are you talking to other parties about defecting?

2. Are you committed to the Labour Party and its values?

3. Will you remain a Labour Member until May 2010?

4. Why, in your words, would the Lib Dems be bad for Haringey?

And, preferably, get these answers in writing. Failure to adequately reply to all four should mean the Whip being removed.

Hunter, when thinking of Kober and Goldberg, is reminded of Blair's verdict of John Major in the dying days: "I lead my Party. You follow yours!"

Do they have the courage to take action and reassert their authority?


Marcus Smith said...

They've left you at the altar have they? Two of your moles. Why don't you out them? If they're not coming over to you, you might as well let people know what they've been up to.

Do you have the courage to take action and assert your authority? You have the power to make a big difference to their futures in politics. Integrity has to triumph over tactics in politics. It's one thing to fall out with your party and change sides, it's quite another to shop around for the highest bidder!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

You are making the assumption that these two individual are my moles. How did you come to that conclusion?

Marcus Smith said...

If they're not your moles, you might as well out them! What's stopping you? Certainly not the laws of libel, judging by what you put about other people on this site. Also there's more than a hint of disappointment in your post

And if they are your moles, don't you think there's at least a chance they're sniffing round the Lib Dems as well? It's a choice between jumping to the local winners, and getting something in a Lib Dem administration, or jumping to the national winners, and getting tea at number 10.

Where did you get the four questions idea, by the way? Nice format.

Rudolph tottenham said...

You Are a fucking nonce, you know they are stringing you along, do you think that anyone in the right mind apart from Dubious Dobbie would joing the tories or the lib-dems.

You are living with alice in the fucking wonderland.

I bet you are not going to publish this post.

Marcus Smith said...

There you go, Justin. They're insulting you now. After all your hard work. What do you owe them?

You're supposed to be a hardliner, not a 'protector of sources.' Where's the edge, these days? You've had Dobbie and Michael Oladije but there are all these others supposed to be coming across. Are we all just waiting around for the right time?

Name some names. Otherwise, you're all foreplay and no climax.

Mr D Esq said...

so sexy hunter, what do you think about he of bounds green dim lebs being suspended?

Anonymous said...

No comments on the defection of Brian Haley, and Fiyaz Mughal being outed as trying to defect to Labour? Word is he's no activley trying to join the Tories, again and his uncle Lord Sheikh is thought to be 'smoothing the way'