Racism in St. Ann's BLP?

The dirtiest selection battle taking place in Tottenham is in St. Ann's Ward, where the brothers and sisters have shortlisted FOURTEEN comrades.

Hunter is reliably informed that the white-dominated Branch Labour Party (BLP) has removed the names of up to TWENTY black members from the membership list. Why? Not because they have done anything wrong or that they have allowed their membership to lapse, but their crime was to have been signed up by somebody who later defected to the local Conservatives.

Membership stands at just over 40 people now in a ward that has been, previously, rock-solid Labour and the sole black Labour councillor there is expected to be replaced by a white woman who shall remain nameless given that, she claims, she isn’t a "public figure".

Hunter, always pleased to give good advice, has urged the victims to ask Labour's Regional Committee to investigate their claims which, if proved, could spell the end of Labour's misrule here in Haringey.

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