In and Out (so far)

Out go Cllrs. Thompson and Patel (another councillor, too, whom will feature in Hunter's next post), both hard-working and popular.

In come recycled reject Reg Rice (T'nam Hale), Stuart McNamara (Bruce Grove) and Richard Watson (T'nam Green). Hunter understands that Stuart and Richard are both very sympathetic to the Ward's Corner Coalition and their restoration plans. Sheila won't be a happy woman.

Those at serious risk of being dropped are Cllrs. Hayley and Griffith. Their selections will take place next week. Brian, arguably, is the only articulate member of the Labour Group.

Hunter could understand if 'new blood' was being brought in –smart, educated people who are local and committed to Tottenham. Instead, many of the de-selected members have been replaced by tired old faces that have had their day.

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