Excitement last night, after all?

Hunter has just learnt that Reg Rice ( he who has been selected for Tottenham Hale, and 'chair' of the CLP) and George Meehan (of Baby P fame) tried to get the selection list for White Hart Lane re-opened to throw controversial and unpopular councillor Ray Dodds another political lifeline.

Meanwhile, the Hornsey BLP, on the other side of the railway tracks, have suspended their selection process. Not sure what the reasons are -- yet.


Marcus Smith said...

Your mole is stringing you along. He's telling everybody he's got you thinking he'll cross the floor after the election. He says you won't stand in his ward to give him and the other two a clear run. He's presenting it as a victory for the comrades and wants credit for his cunning plan in the Labour ranks because all the new blood will be a threat to his position in a new administration (assuming they control the council, which isn't likely!)

Why are you looking after him? If he's joining you, force his hand!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

I don't have just one mole - I have over a dozen. People you would not dream of as 'leakers'.

Tottenham Conservatives will be putting up 3 candidates in every single ward. If any Labour cllr stands as an Indy then he/she will NOT be spared?


Marcus Smith said...

No. It's not clear. Explain.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

No, I won't. You're not very bright, are you, old fruit?

Marcus Smith said...

I'm bright enough to work out that you're being taken for a big sad patsy.