Chaos, mayhem and back-stabbings at last night's shortlistings

FOURTEEN comrades have been shortlisted for St. Ann's Ward, including the Brabazon woman.

Recycled councillor Reg Rice was shortlisted for Tottenham Hale (Brabazon didn't apply - maybe she had done a deal with Cllr. Reith?). Rice now the biggest threat to hard-working and popular (but very eccentric) Cllr. Sheik Thompson.

Lazy councillor Ray Dodds (a Peacock apologist) is in serious trouble in Bruce Grove. Front runners there include, Stuart McNamara (having previously stood - and lost - in Alexandra Ward) and Richard Watson, a former 'adviser' to Cllr. Santry (she of Baby P fame)

Cllr. Kaushika Amin is trying to escape Northumberland Park (or could that be a certain other councillor with initials SP?) and applied for White Hart Lane. Not sure if she was successful or not.

Anne, mother of Tim, Waters shortlisted for WHL. A mole tells Hunter that she's even 'posher' than Santry and also hails from the west of the borough. Will White Hart Lane Labour ever learn? Brabazon's and Dodds' applications were soundly rejected here, despite the Dodds' household being signed up to Labour to cast votes at last night's meeting (there is a three-month rule, apparently, which stuffed them!)

A former Newham councillor and wife (or vice-versa?) are hawking around, as is a woman from Tottenham Green whose name I can't pronounce .

More soon!


Marcus Smith said...

Who is your backstabber, Justin? Do tell. You keep saying, 'More later,' and 'Watch this space,' and then nothing happens. Somebody's giving you pitiful crumbs of information and stringing you along like a big sad patsy.

It seems to me you have the chance to deliver a killer blow here. Go on. Be a leader for once. Play real politics and stop tittle-tattling on behalf of somebody who's setting you up.

You won't put this comment up, I know.

Marcus Smith said...

Thanks for putting up my comment. Maybe you are a man of integrity after all.

Why don't you just come out and say who told you about the White Hart Lane selection meeting? It would cause real mayhem in the Labour ranks and it would show them how close some of their people are to jumping ship. If your informants are not jumping, they're using you. It must be make or break time. You're not a tale bearer, you're the Tottenham leader of the party that will be running the country soon. Act like a leader. Name names and welcome them aboard.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Dear Marcus (TW?),

I have a rule which is to never reveal my sources. I'm sure you will understand.

Although I suspect you know who gave me the information (-:

I can also confirm that we are in discussions with a number of Labour people about them joining Haringey's fasted-growing political party. You will know as and when things happen.