Excitement last night, after all?

Hunter has just learnt that Reg Rice ( he who has been selected for Tottenham Hale, and 'chair' of the CLP) and George Meehan (of Baby P fame) tried to get the selection list for White Hart Lane re-opened to throw controversial and unpopular councillor Ray Dodds another political lifeline.

Meanwhile, the Hornsey BLP, on the other side of the railway tracks, have suspended their selection process. Not sure what the reasons are -- yet.

Last night

Hunter's phone went off at 21:17 with news of the White Hart Lane BLP's selection outcome. Unfortunately, wasn't able to blog it then and there as I was at a meeting, which went on very late (followed by dinner and bed!).

Nothing terribly exciting happened in this ward. Charles and Gideon, aka 'Bert and Ernie', got back in. The 'new girl' is from Newham (ex councillor?) and her partner/husband is the Labour candidate for Bruce Grove. Should they both be elected, their household’s income will go up by £20k - excluding SRBs. Nice work if you can get it!

Breaking news...

Cllrs. Hayley AND Harris have been de-selected in St. Ann's Ward.

The winners of this dirty selection battle? Zena Brabazon and Chris Brown, a new arrival to Haringey.

Hunter predicted Brian's de-selection, but didn't see it happening to Bob...

Racism in St. Ann's BLP?

The dirtiest selection battle taking place in Tottenham is in St. Ann's Ward, where the brothers and sisters have shortlisted FOURTEEN comrades.

Hunter is reliably informed that the white-dominated Branch Labour Party (BLP) has removed the names of up to TWENTY black members from the membership list. Why? Not because they have done anything wrong or that they have allowed their membership to lapse, but their crime was to have been signed up by somebody who later defected to the local Conservatives.

Membership stands at just over 40 people now in a ward that has been, previously, rock-solid Labour and the sole black Labour councillor there is expected to be replaced by a white woman who shall remain nameless given that, she claims, she isn’t a "public figure".

Hunter, always pleased to give good advice, has urged the victims to ask Labour's Regional Committee to investigate their claims which, if proved, could spell the end of Labour's misrule here in Haringey.

It could not have happened to a nicer person

Fitness coach (stop the sniggers, please!) and Bruce Grove councillor Ray Dodds said the following on Ward's Corner at THE planning meeting (where dopey Labour councillors voted to wreck a thriving community):

"Ward's Corner was a dump, is a dump and will always be a dump".

Hunter is pleased to announce that Doddsie has himself now been DUMPED. Ironically, his replacement is thought to be very sympathetic to the WCC's restoration plans (see previous post).

Hunter still hasn't forgiven the brute for shopping him for 'dumping rubbish' on his, private, estate.

In and Out (so far)

Out go Cllrs. Thompson and Patel (another councillor, too, whom will feature in Hunter's next post), both hard-working and popular.

In come recycled reject Reg Rice (T'nam Hale), Stuart McNamara (Bruce Grove) and Richard Watson (T'nam Green). Hunter understands that Stuart and Richard are both very sympathetic to the Ward's Corner Coalition and their restoration plans. Sheila won't be a happy woman.

Those at serious risk of being dropped are Cllrs. Hayley and Griffith. Their selections will take place next week. Brian, arguably, is the only articulate member of the Labour Group.

Hunter could understand if 'new blood' was being brought in –smart, educated people who are local and committed to Tottenham. Instead, many of the de-selected members have been replaced by tired old faces that have had their day.

Ellie Levenson sums it up

Ellie is a member of the Tottenham Green Branch of the Tottenham Labour Party. Here are her 'Tweets' from the past 24 hours on last night's meeting to shortlist candidates for Tottenham Green Ward - makes interesting reading!

Re Labour party ward selection. Now I know why guns not legal in this country. Not sure whether I would shoot Chair or shoot self. from Tweetie

I think we should ask central committee to impose candidates. The Great Tottenham Green Putsch of 2009.

Am in hell, also known as the Tottenham Green Ward Labour Party shortlisting meeting. from Tweetie

Chaos, mayhem and back-stabbings at last night's shortlistings

FOURTEEN comrades have been shortlisted for St. Ann's Ward, including the Brabazon woman.

Recycled councillor Reg Rice was shortlisted for Tottenham Hale (Brabazon didn't apply - maybe she had done a deal with Cllr. Reith?). Rice now the biggest threat to hard-working and popular (but very eccentric) Cllr. Sheik Thompson.

Lazy councillor Ray Dodds (a Peacock apologist) is in serious trouble in Bruce Grove. Front runners there include, Stuart McNamara (having previously stood - and lost - in Alexandra Ward) and Richard Watson, a former 'adviser' to Cllr. Santry (she of Baby P fame)

Cllr. Kaushika Amin is trying to escape Northumberland Park (or could that be a certain other councillor with initials SP?) and applied for White Hart Lane. Not sure if she was successful or not.

Anne, mother of Tim, Waters shortlisted for WHL. A mole tells Hunter that she's even 'posher' than Santry and also hails from the west of the borough. Will White Hart Lane Labour ever learn? Brabazon's and Dodds' applications were soundly rejected here, despite the Dodds' household being signed up to Labour to cast votes at last night's meeting (there is a three-month rule, apparently, which stuffed them!)

A former Newham councillor and wife (or vice-versa?) are hawking around, as is a woman from Tottenham Green whose name I can't pronounce .

More soon!