Update on Labour's local woes

Cllr. Jayanti Patel, a hard-working councillor for Woodside since 2002, has been ditched by Labour. Four more face the boot.

Nasty personal and homophobic website created by Labour to attack local Conservatives set up, but now closed following police investigation. Current and former Labour councillors allegedly involved with it.

Two FoI requests been put into the Council by a Labour councillor in an attempt to embarrass and smear a fellow Labour councillor.

A certain Seven Sisters councillor has been humiliated in his attempt to introduce an Eruv in the Ward by secular and Muslim colleagues.

Noel Park Labour members furious to discover that of the three of their 'local' council candidates, one works in Clacton-on-Sea and another is trying to become the MP for England's most northern constituency, Berwick.

The lifting of the ban of animals performing in Haringey circuses has been condemned by residents across Haringey. Several Labour members are reported to be willing to quit the Party if the Labour-run Council endorses the Cabinet’s plans at Full Council.

Cllr. Denise Headley (Edmonton Green Ward in next-door Enfield) has joined the Conservatives after being de-selected by outsiders, led by Cllr. George Meehan of Baby P fame.

Haringey Labour been condemned for de-selecting BME councillors by OBV.

Universal outrage as Lammy calls for more money... for, er, himself!

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Anonymous said...

Universal outrage as David Lammy calls for more money to staff his office and serve his very busy constituency.

I think this deserves interplanetary outrage. The fellow's nothing short of a cad and a bounder. Well done, Jason, for bringing this awful man and his wicked demands to our attention. Flogging would be too good for him. The chap should be hornswaddled forthwith. Do tell us more....