Update on Labour's local woes

Cllr. Jayanti Patel, a hard-working councillor for Woodside since 2002, has been ditched by Labour. Four more face the boot.

Nasty personal and homophobic website created by Labour to attack local Conservatives set up, but now closed following police investigation. Current and former Labour councillors allegedly involved with it.

Two FoI requests been put into the Council by a Labour councillor in an attempt to embarrass and smear a fellow Labour councillor.

A certain Seven Sisters councillor has been humiliated in his attempt to introduce an Eruv in the Ward by secular and Muslim colleagues.

Noel Park Labour members furious to discover that of the three of their 'local' council candidates, one works in Clacton-on-Sea and another is trying to become the MP for England's most northern constituency, Berwick.

The lifting of the ban of animals performing in Haringey circuses has been condemned by residents across Haringey. Several Labour members are reported to be willing to quit the Party if the Labour-run Council endorses the Cabinet’s plans at Full Council.

Cllr. Denise Headley (Edmonton Green Ward in next-door Enfield) has joined the Conservatives after being de-selected by outsiders, led by Cllr. George Meehan of Baby P fame.

Haringey Labour been condemned for de-selecting BME councillors by OBV.

Universal outrage as Lammy calls for more money... for, er, himself!

Labour Time Table - when the fun and games begin and end

All Tottenham wards except Harringay, which has already selected, (and also Horney & Stroud Green wards on the other side of the railway) will meet to shortlist on the evening at which they would usually hold their standard September Branch meeting - that is, on Wednesday 2 September, in the evening. The quorum, by decision of the Local Government Committee, shall be eight.

Following shortlisting, branch secretaries shall notify those persons shortlisted, who shall be able, on delivery to the CLP Secretary of a cheque for £5 per ward made payable to "Tottenham Constituency Labour Party", to have a copy of the membership list for any wards they have been shortlisted in.

Selection meetings will then be held in evenings according to the following timetable:

Wednesday 2 September
Shortlisting meetings in the following Branches:
Bruce Grove, Hornsey, Northumberland Park, Seven Sisters, St Ann's, Stroud Green, Tottenham Green, Tottenham Hale, West Green, White Hart Lane.

Thursday 10 September
Selection meeting for Northumberland Park Branch

Monday 14 September
Selection meeting for Bruce Grove Branch

Tuesday 15 September
Selection meeting for Tottenham Hale Branch

Wednesday 16 September
Selection meeting for Tottenham Green Branch

Thursday 17 September
Selection meeting for West Green Branch

Monday 21 September
Selection meeting for St Ann's and Seven Sisters Branches (shared venue, St Ann's first)

Tuesday 22 September
Selection meeting for White Hart Lane Branch

Tottenham Labour In Meltdown

Hunter has been told that several Tottenham councillors WILL be de-selected as tonnes of 'NuLab' types are coming down from the N10 Hill to stand here. Why? Because they have almost zero chance of ejecting the Lib Dems in their home turf and see Tottenham as a 'stepping stone' to bigger and better things.

Those on the Approved Labour List include Cllr. Goldberg's wife, Julie Davies' son, Tim Waters' mother and Zena Brabazon, common-law wife of Cllr. Stanton!

Councillors who face de-selection (timetable in following post) are ready to defect to other parties (of all colours) or stand as Independents and, in the process, bring this discredited Labour-run Council down.

Hunter is also reliably told that a row has broken out in the St. Ann's Ward branch of the Tottenham Labour Party. Critics claim that whilst they welcome BME members, they will only do so if they 'know their place'. Anyone who dares to challenge the white ruling elite there is cast into outer darkness and smeared.

Meanwhile, in Northumberland Park relations between Cllrs. Bevan and Peacock have deteriorated so much that they are no-longer on speaking terms. Cllr. Bevan accuses Cllr. Peacock of not being a 'team player' (she is refusing to mention him, allegedly, in all official publications) and they are trying to get one another de-seleceted.

More on these shenanigans to come!

As Hunter has previously said, Jonah Goldberg’s arrival has cursed the Tottenham Labour Party.