Jonah Goldberg curses Labour and everything he touches

Guido Fawkes calls Gordon Brown 'Jonah Brown'. Why? Because, according to Guido, Brown jinxes everything that he lends support to. For example, Brown sends Andy Murray his "best wishes" then Murray is humiliated on the court; Gordon visits a car maker, then it goes bankrupt the following week. You get the picture.

Hunter thinks Jonah Goldberg's arrival on the scene in Haringey has cursed the local Labour Party, and everything he touches. Here's four examples:

1. Jonah Goldberg turns one of Labour's safest wards in Haringey into their most marginal (over the Conservatives)

2. Jonah Goldberg becomes Chief Whip of the Labour Group and, for the first time in Haringey Labour's history, loses a councillor to the Conservatives.

3. Jonah Goldberg states during Seven Sisters by-election that, unlike the majority of his Labour colleagues, he supports the Ward's Corner Coalition over developer Grainger. Not only did the WCC lose at Planning, they also lost their first attempt in the Royal Courts of Justice to overturn that decision.

4. Jonah Goldberg (pictured) visits West Witney Community Hospital, in Oxfordshire, as David Cameron's Labour opponent. That hospital is now under threat of cuts in vital services.

Dare I now hope that David Lammy will now appoint Cllr. Goldberg to be his Campaign Manager for the General Election? He is a curse on everything he touches.

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Simon McKenzie said...

What purpose does this post serve? They're just a series of weak, bitchy remarks which contribute nothing to politics or scrutiny of the administration.