Eight questions Labour (and their LD chums) can't answer

Hunter has been really shocked by some of the nasty and personal postings that bitter Labour and jealous Lib Dems have been leaving on various sites (never, of course, using their real names - although one suspect is former Labour councillor Ian Willmore).

If Alan was 'after money' when his Mayoralty ended, why did he turn down a position on O&S (£15,000pa)?

If Alan really is thick, why did they want him to serve on O&S? Do they only allow 'thick' people to scrutinise the Council?

If Alan really is 'thick', why have they allowed him to be a councillor for 18 years? Do they only allow 'thick' people to sit on the Council?

If Alan really is 'thick', why did allow him to become Mayor not only once, but twice? Do they only allow 'thick' people to become the Borough's First Citizen?

If Alan really is 'thick', why did they put into the Cabinet and make him Chief Whip? Do they only put 'thick' people into the Cabinet and make them Chief Whip?

The Fib Dems say that they would not have welcomed Alan, yet their Leader heaped praise on Alan's Mayoralty. Will he remind us what he said only a fe month ago?

The Fib Dems claimed they would not have welcomed Alan (staggering when you consider they took Aitken, Floyd and Oakes in) - so why Did Cllr. Oakes (aka Old Tin Leg) email Alan today to ask why he did not join them?

Why did a senior Labour councillor today email Alan to beg him to return to the Labour benches?

Haringey voters can rightly conclude two things from all of this:

1. Alan has balls and is a man of integrity

2. There are two nasty parties in Haringey - Labour and their LD allies!


Anonymous said...

Another anti Lib Dem rant . YAWWNN !

P. E said...

He is a disgrace and should resign his seat, and if he so very much believes in his 'new found home' then bloody stand under the banner of the damn tories. I cant believe it- he needs to go now.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

And cause a by-election, less than 10 months to the fixed local elections? You lefties just love wasting taxpayers' cash, don't you?

Simon McKenzie said...

Q1. Because it would involve work and not just getting his picture in the paper.
Q2. Not 'only' thick people, but mostly.
Q3. Parties are renowned for not being able to find sufficiently capable candidates to stand and often they have to resort to thickos. Alan's one.
Q4. Yes. Sheikh Thompson is another example.
Q5. As previously mentioned parties have to resort to thickos often. There's a lot of posts to fill and not many intelligent Cllrs, so sometimes the thickos have to be used.
Q6. I'll let him answer that, but being a good mayor does not equate to being a useful Cllr.
Q7. Cllr Oakes is one of their LD thickos. The LDs probably didn't ask him to or know he did.
Q8. Being a senior Cllr doesn't preclude them from being a thicko themself.

Also, how can you draw a conclusion from questions without having answers? AND how can you say LDs/Lab are the only nasty parties in Haringey when you, the Chairman of the Conservatives in Tottenham, write consistently bitchy and childish remarks about politicians?

I'd be amazed if you posted this.

Ian Willmore said...

Dear Mr Hinchliffe,

My attention has been drawn to your suggestion that I have been posting anonymous comments on various websites about Councillor Alan Dobbie.

For the avoidance of doubt let me just state:

a) I haven't posted anything about Dobbie to any site but this, because I could not care less about him.

b) If motivated to comment on any issue at all, local or otherwise, I shall do so under my own name. Check Google to confirm this.

c) I haven't met Dobbie for many years. When I was a Councillor - years ago, when you were still a scrofulous Tory teenager without the full and manly beard you wear today - Dobbie was a raucous, dim-witted and pompous Trot. He used to shout at me about being a right-wing sell-out. I did say to him several times that he would be a Tory within a few years, but that just made him even more cross and incoherent.

Now Dobbie has become a dim-witted and pompous Tory. This might seem like a major transformation, but in fact stupidity and self-importance were always more central features of his personality than any political affiliation.

d) Please don't waste my time in future, I am busy watching The Wire.