Jonah Goldberg curses Labour and everything he touches

Guido Fawkes calls Gordon Brown 'Jonah Brown'. Why? Because, according to Guido, Brown jinxes everything that he lends support to. For example, Brown sends Andy Murray his "best wishes" then Murray is humiliated on the court; Gordon visits a car maker, then it goes bankrupt the following week. You get the picture.

Hunter thinks Jonah Goldberg's arrival on the scene in Haringey has cursed the local Labour Party, and everything he touches. Here's four examples:

1. Jonah Goldberg turns one of Labour's safest wards in Haringey into their most marginal (over the Conservatives)

2. Jonah Goldberg becomes Chief Whip of the Labour Group and, for the first time in Haringey Labour's history, loses a councillor to the Conservatives.

3. Jonah Goldberg states during Seven Sisters by-election that, unlike the majority of his Labour colleagues, he supports the Ward's Corner Coalition over developer Grainger. Not only did the WCC lose at Planning, they also lost their first attempt in the Royal Courts of Justice to overturn that decision.

4. Jonah Goldberg (pictured) visits West Witney Community Hospital, in Oxfordshire, as David Cameron's Labour opponent. That hospital is now under threat of cuts in vital services.

Dare I now hope that David Lammy will now appoint Cllr. Goldberg to be his Campaign Manager for the General Election? He is a curse on everything he touches.

Eight questions Labour (and their LD chums) can't answer

Hunter has been really shocked by some of the nasty and personal postings that bitter Labour and jealous Lib Dems have been leaving on various sites (never, of course, using their real names - although one suspect is former Labour councillor Ian Willmore).

If Alan was 'after money' when his Mayoralty ended, why did he turn down a position on O&S (£15,000pa)?

If Alan really is thick, why did they want him to serve on O&S? Do they only allow 'thick' people to scrutinise the Council?

If Alan really is 'thick', why have they allowed him to be a councillor for 18 years? Do they only allow 'thick' people to sit on the Council?

If Alan really is 'thick', why did allow him to become Mayor not only once, but twice? Do they only allow 'thick' people to become the Borough's First Citizen?

If Alan really is 'thick', why did they put into the Cabinet and make him Chief Whip? Do they only put 'thick' people into the Cabinet and make them Chief Whip?

The Fib Dems say that they would not have welcomed Alan, yet their Leader heaped praise on Alan's Mayoralty. Will he remind us what he said only a fe month ago?

The Fib Dems claimed they would not have welcomed Alan (staggering when you consider they took Aitken, Floyd and Oakes in) - so why Did Cllr. Oakes (aka Old Tin Leg) email Alan today to ask why he did not join them?

Why did a senior Labour councillor today email Alan to beg him to return to the Labour benches?

Haringey voters can rightly conclude two things from all of this:

1. Alan has balls and is a man of integrity

2. There are two nasty parties in Haringey - Labour and their LD allies!

*That* resignation in full. Ouch!

Dear Claire,

Further to our recent meeting, I am now writing today to inform you that with immediate effect that I have resigned from the Labour Party and therefore the Labour whip on Haringey Council.

I will sit as a Conservative Councillor until the Council elections next May.

For you and many others, this will come as a shock and no doubt many will be upset and angry at my decision.

This has been no easy decision, but I believe that urgent change and a fresh start is needed, both for Haringey and Britain. We need at national level a Government that has a sense of purpose and will speak up for the ordinary person, something which Labour seems to have forgotten in recent years.

As a I mentioned to you, I am proud of a lot of what Labour has achieved both locally and nationally, but the recent months has shown how out of touch Labour is – to busy worrying about what positions people will hold and how much to get for it.

I also feel that now in local government that there is no real accountability. “Cabinet local governance” is a sham of 9-10 councillors deciding on what will happen and the majority group follow like sheep. Councillors have lost the chance to properly hold officers and lead members to account but expected to be there mainly as voting fodder, even at the expense of being able to represent one’s own ward.

For many months now I have felt uncomfortable and not at ease in being a Labour Councillor, but let me be clear, although the Liberal Democrats are currently the main opposition on the council to Labour, they do not offer a real alternative to Labour. Their councillors are mainly a coalition of anti-Labour at any cost. Let me assure you, as a Conservative Councillor I will vote against Labour in the Council Chamber when it is right, not because I am no longer Labour.

You must believe me when I tell you that this is the hardest political decision of my life. I have been proud to be a Labour activist with 27 years unbroken membership, but like almost everyone else seeing Labour MPs trying to make stupid expense claims has left me ashamed as power and corruption seems to have gone to the heads of too many Labour MPs who ought to know better.

I want to make clear, on a personal level I have no dispute with the vast majority of my former Labour colleagues and under your leadership wish them well. However, the run-up to the recent group annual meeting and being asked by some to go for different positions to ensure that I would get extra money left me disgusted. I sincerely hope that people do not think that I am a Councillor for the money, because this is an insult to my integrity and all that I stand for.

As I have said in a letter to local party members, to those who have campaigned for me and voted for me over the years as a Labour candidate and Councillor, I am truly sorry if you feel that I have betrayed your trust. As I have said, this has not been an easy decision, but I want a better way for Haringey and Britain and the Conservatives, under David Cameron’s leadership has changed and recognised its past mistakes and I want to be part of that progressive Conservative alliance that will help the residents of Noel Park and the country that I am not ashamed to say that I love.

Finally, I will continue to serve as a Councillor for Noel Park until next May and put the needs of Noel Park first, be that local residents, residents associations, community and voluntary groups and local businesses, whilst ensuring that the thousands of Conservative voters in Haringey now have a voice on the council.

I hope wherever possible to work with the other two Noel Park Councillors and I will not attempt to put party politics ahead of getting what is best for Noel Park. I may no longer be Labour, but my passion for Noel Park remains as strong today as it ever was.

From the bottom of my heart, thank-you for giving me the chance to serve as a Councillor, as a Labour Councillor, for the friendship and support which has meant so much to me over the years and hopefully when the dust has settled you will come to understand why I have left Labour for the Conservatives today.

With all good wishes,

Councillor Alan Dobbie,
Councillor for Noel Park ward.

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Facebook is two-faced, hypocritical, inconsistent and anti-Anglican, according to His Grace

These exchanges of emails are priceless. Even Dr. James, a devout atheist and secularist, thinks His Grace got the 'upper hand' of Facebook.