Is Neil "The Humourless Bitch" Williams having a dig at Ron?

An extraordinary post has appeared on Cllr. Williams' website, called "Defectors: I'm not an enthusiast".

He thunders on: "Based on my own experience, I'm not keen. Genuine political conversions do of course happen, but they’re not common" Meow!

Hunter suspects this was a dig at fellow 'Lib Dem' councillor, Ron Aitken. Ron, as you will recall from a previous post, started life as a Conservative. Then he joined the Scottish National Party, went back to being a Conservative, left again and stood as an Independent (for Archway ward, which now, ironically, makes up most of Cllr. Williams' own Highgate ward!), acted as the Agent for the Pro-Life Alliance in the Croydon North West by-election, rejoined the Conservatives, got a job at the House working for an Ulster MP, joined the Orange Order and the UUP (it could have been the DUP, I forget) and then, in 2001 opportunistically joined the Lib Dems. It can't be long, statically, before Ron starts applying to join the Green or, even, New Labour.

Cllr. Williams is, though, right. Defections are rarely based on policy.

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committed tory said...

he is a bitch alright