Cllr. Goldberg has no shame

Seven Sisters' Cllr. 'Joe' Goldberg knows no bounds. This is a man who shamelessly uses his religion to gain kudos with the Jewish community in his ward (majority 63 over Isaac Revah's Conservatives!)

Goldberg shamelessly wears his Yarmulke when he's in the area and at Full Council (where two Jews can see him from the public gallery) and then promptly takes it off when he's safely out of sight. Can you imagine a Christian removing his Crucifix when leaving a Church? Rumour now has it that Goldberg is shamelessly going to grow a beard to look more Heimisher.

Cllr. Goldberg, if you took your religion seriously you would keep Kosher,and would wear your Yarmulke all year round - not just at election and civic times! It's all fercockt!

The Heimisher community are not fools.

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Michael said...

Wow, you still have a lot of growing up to do. You should write Joe Goldberg loves goys on a toilet wall for maximum exposure. It's not even that I necessarily disagree with you but oh dear, people like you worry me. You'd make an excellent party man in one of those 1930's totalitarian states, doesn't matter which one, the concentrated and unflinching bile at a given enemy would happily see you through to some middle ranking outer circle post.

Tenner bet you don't have the guts to let me post this.