Has Aitken been dropped from Crouch End?

That's the rumour doing the rounds on Hunter's return from Oman. Apparently, he has been deselected and moved to Bounds Green, a ward the Lib Dems are set to lose. Can anyone confirm this rumour?

According to my little yellow bird, the Lib Dems can't get anymore "millage" from his Conservative-Lib Dem defection and that they are embarrassed by his bizarre contributions at Full Council.

If true, fellow Lib Dem Dave Winskill, also Crouch End, must be over the moon!


Anonymous said...

OOoooooooooooo.... NOooooooo.... If this individual is going to run in bounds green then I am definitely moving out of there LOL.
How is it that the lib dems think that this guy is not good enough for crouch end but good enough for Bounds Green.

We hardly see his Lib Dem colleague mr J Oakes, who comes out once every 4 years to bounds green.

The bird is flying belly up, maybe it has bird flu?

Crouch End and Lib dems Keep your most treasured gem, we are very happy with the 2 councillors we have.....

Ps: Can I also ask, how is it that the lib dems keep on going about the environment surely sending out thousands of unreadable “ Focuses” every month is not very environmentally friendly…… Maybe this is a question that Miss L Featherstone can answer………… I said maybe …..

Anonymous said...

Anon, I'm sorry what? Kindly square your argument that you get thousands of focuses every month with the argument that you hardly ever hear from John Oakes? In logical notation your argument looks like this:


Makes you look a little silly. Or are you talking about seeing John Oakes in person? Because you are one of 9000 people in Bounds Green so for you to see him every month he'd have to knock on one door every 5 minutes for 24 hours without stopping to eat or sleep - and every single person would have to be in and would only get 3 minutes (allowing time to walk between houses) to put forward their problems.

Get a grip

Anonymous said...

Cllr Oakes is a truly delightful individual and a pillar of the community, as this lovely photo shows:


Go easy!

Anonymous said...

He's looks insane. I think he needs some assistance, perhaps a Lobotomy?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Try meeting him - will cnfirm your view. Are you talking about Aitken or Oakes, btw? Not that it matters....