Big brother is watching you

For a party that purports to believe in democracy and liberalism and, as such, be against New Labour's 'surveillance state', Hunter brings you news of some strange antics of Haringey Lib Dems.

Richard Merrin, the energetic Conservative candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green, set up a street stall in Muswell Hill to meet the voters. Nothing odd about that, I hear you say. Quite! But along came 3 Lib Dem councillors taking pictures of the stall, of Richard and his supporters.

Do the Lib Dems really think they own Muswell Hill and that no other party should dare to campaign there? Where they acting on behalf of the state? All very strange and a little creepy (not to mention Stalinist), dontcha think?

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Anonymous said...

Probably because it was such a novelty to see a Tory in the area. Haven't been spotted there since some time in the early 90s