It's Sean - real tough barrister chosen to take on Lammy in Tottenham

Tottenham Conservatives have selected Sean Sullivan as their candidate to stand against David Lammy at the next general election. Forty people applied, but Sean was chosen by an overwhelming majority of members who attended the selection meeting.

Sean is a barrister specialising in criminal law, and sees every day in London's courts the devastating impact of rising crime in our city. Sean also has extensive experience of local government having served as a councillor in his hometown.

Following his selection, held in Tottenham High Road last Sunday, Sean said:

"Everyone knows that this Labour government is on its last legs. Tottenham, like the rest of the country, is just waiting for the chance to kick them out of power for all our sakes. The swing against Labour here in Tottenham will be greater than in most places because local voters know that David Lammy is a particularly useless MP. And with the Liberal Democrats increasingly irrelevant locally, as was seen by their disastrous showing in Seven Sisters recently, it is clear that Conservatives are the only credible choice to form the next Government".

"Crime, education and the lack of employment opportunities are all issues that residents have raised with me. And with the economic crisis getting worse every day, Tottenham needs a representative who will put these issues at the forefront of the next Government".

Local constituency Chairman, Justin Hinchcliffe added:

"We had a strong field of applicants, but Sean stood out as the strongest. We believe that he will be an outstanding candidate and future MP in this area, something Tottenham needs".

Sean is 28 and was educated St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University, and graduated with a degree in Law. He has a track record of campaigning in Tottenham – he was Campaign Manager in the recent Seven Sisters by-election (where Conservatives came within 64 votes of winning) and has given free legal advice to the local community group, the Ward’s Corner Coalition. He now plans to join other campaigning groups, such as the Tottenham Civic Society, and become a local school governor. He has worked also worked closely with a number of senior MPs, including Chris Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary, on crime-reduction issues. Outside of politics, his interests include sport (cricket and rugby), cooking and travelling.



Sue Esidal said...

Great! A posh, Oxford educated barrister, in tune with the posh, Oxford educated people of Tottenham. The Tories have done it again. Why couldn't you have just stuck with Lydia? She was at least interesting.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Why do you assume Sean is "posh" (not that there's anything wrong with being middle-class!)? Sean went to a comprehensive school. Working as a criminal barrister gives him the opportunity to meet people of all backgrounds and classes - how many people in media jobs know anything about real people? I assume you're a Labour, Lib Dem or Green supporter? David Lammy actually went to a fee-paying school and qualified as a barrister. Ditto Schmitz. The Green woman couldn't be more middle-class if she tried. Your point is?

If you want Lydia so badly, encourage her to join your party or stand as an independent.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that you can't be too careful.

Pessimistic voter said...

oh dear oh dear- here is to a larger Lammy majority!

How many times has this chap been to Tottenham?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Who, Lammy? (-: