What is the point of Haringey Lib Dems?

Haringey's Lib Dem councillors claim to add value to the various committees that run Haringey Council. But their latest intervention on the Planning Committee, by Cllr Richard Wilson, is simply laughable. He opposed the erection of new homes behind Tottenham Town Hall. Not for one of the many good reasons that he could have cited, like the fact that Haringey Council have shown themselves determined in recent years to build on every postage stamp of open space in our part of the borough; nor because, as usual, Haringey was making no allowance for the extra burden this would place upon the local infrastructure (GP and dental practices, local schools etc). No. His objection was that the Victoria tube Line could not "cope" with an extra 100 people and that it would make it harder for Crouch Enders and Muswell Hillites to get a seat boarding a tube at Finsbury Park.

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? Firstly, an extra 100 people (Cllr. Wilson's stated figure, not mine) would make no impact on the Victoria Line which provides for 174m journeys yearly. Are they all likely to be travelling by the same route at the same time anyway? Apart from the absurdity of the objection it also highlights, yet again, that the Lib Dems care nothing for the people of Tottenham: we suffer the worst abuses of Haringey Council and see our area despoiled by hideous over-development year after year because a far greater proportion of our residents are poor, have English as a second language and do not have the media clout of the wealthy articulate Nimbies in the west of the borough.

The Lib Dems in Haringey have built themselves a reputation as an effective election fighting machine (although they seem to be losing their 'magic touch' given their drubbing by both Labour and the Conservatives in the most recent Haringey by-election). But, as councillors they are a laughing stock. Labour members run rings around them and they shoot themselves in the foot when they make these bizarre comments. Haringey needs a strong opposition, but the Lib Dems repeatedly show themselves to be unfit for that purpose.


David Allen said...

Yes, they are a useless shower! And Cllr. Robert Gorrie is Haringey's mini-Ming!

Anonymous said...

Not only are they incompetent, they are bare-faced liars and bullies (ref. Cllr Butcher making a the committee clerk Officer cry at a planning committee!!).