Back.... kind of

Hunter's back (sort of) after a very long and sometimes depressing 2008 (course there was the odd moment of joy and excitement!)

Hunter's been in Canada (had a fab time - pic of me in the restaurant at the top of the CN Tower), mourning the loss of his grandfather (86 - not a bad age, eh?, working in a bar (what hard work!), running the Tottenham Association (now ticking over just nicely, thank you very much) and fighting a by-election in Seven Sisters Ward, following the sad death of Cllr. Fred Knight.

Those of you who are close to me will know of the 'other' problem that I've had to try and face up to. It's not been easy, and it continues to depress me... thank goodness for the by-election, which takes my mind of things (for a bit, at least)

Baby P's avoidable and horrific death shocked Hunter. Baby P lived less than half a mile away. Tragic. Awful. It's not often Hunter is lost for words. Haringey Council: what a bunch of useless, incompetent and evil wankers!

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Tory Poppins said...

Sorry to hear 08 was piss awful for you! Hope things brighten up a little in 09 x