An open letter to local Lib Dem David Schmitz

Dear David,

During the recent Seven Sisters Ward by-election, you circulated an enormous amount of literature, some of which actually concerned Haringey Council. However, you did not cover Foreign Affairs.

I am enclosing a copy of a leaflet which your political colleagues in Redbridge are circulating. Interestingly it does cover foreign affairs, although Redbridge Council, like that in Haringey, does not have a foreign policy. It refers to Gaza, speaks of worldwide protest and then later refers to the Conservative leader of Redbridge by name (Cllr Alan Weinberg).

All 3 main parties in the Seven Sisters by-election were represented by members of the Jewish community. As one of those candidates and as a Liberal Democrat, do you support such literature being distributed by your Lib Dem colleagues? Do you believe that such literature promotes community cohesion in a neighbourhood where Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Sikh and Christian live side by side? Can you give a reason for naming Cllr Weinberg, when no other councillor of any other party is mentioned by name - other than that your party is a) courting the Muslim vote and b)Cllr Weinberg has a surname which many will recognise as Jewish? Why does your party introduce foreign affairs into a local election in Redbridge but not in Haringey, Enfield or Bexley - where there have also been local by-elections in the past few weeks? Do you believe that foreign affairs is a relevant issue for a local authority by election?

I have circulated this request to the press and look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,


Back.... kind of

Hunter's back (sort of) after a very long and sometimes depressing 2008 (course there was the odd moment of joy and excitement!)

Hunter's been in Canada (had a fab time - pic of me in the restaurant at the top of the CN Tower), mourning the loss of his grandfather (86 - not a bad age, eh?, working in a bar (what hard work!), running the Tottenham Association (now ticking over just nicely, thank you very much) and fighting a by-election in Seven Sisters Ward, following the sad death of Cllr. Fred Knight.

Those of you who are close to me will know of the 'other' problem that I've had to try and face up to. It's not been easy, and it continues to depress me... thank goodness for the by-election, which takes my mind of things (for a bit, at least)

Baby P's avoidable and horrific death shocked Hunter. Baby P lived less than half a mile away. Tragic. Awful. It's not often Hunter is lost for words. Haringey Council: what a bunch of useless, incompetent and evil wankers!