Why it has to be McCain-Palin in '08 - and other thoughts on the US contest

Following on from the last post, Hunter has decided - not that he has a vote or is remotely influential - to support John McCain and Sarah Palin in the US election.

Like the Log Cabin Republicans (the gay group in the GOP), Hunter's decision came after some deliberations. The Republicans are still the party of small government and low taxation (even if George W. Bush often forgot). And John McCain has the necessary EXPERIENCE to lead America in a dangerous and unpredictable world. He's also a maverick and is unafraid to stand up to special interest groups and, even, fellow Republicans.

His choice of Sarah Palin was a masterstroke! Hunter dares sceptical readers to watch Sarah Palin's acceptance speech and not to be impressed by her warmth, intelligence and integrity.

What on earth was Barak Obama thinking of when he chose Joe Biden as his running mate? Their equivalents here, Hunter thinks, are David Lammy - big on rhetoric and small on substance - running with Neil Kinnock as his deputy. Scary thought, isn't it?

All the Left - both in America and in Europe - can do to attack their opponents is to use ageist and sexist language.

Why is the Guardian mocking John McCain's age (he's 72) and Sarah Palin's "lack of experience" but not Obama's record of running 'Jack shit'? And why have lefties, like the fragrant Lynne Featherstone, co-incidentally her party's Equalities 'spokesperson', not welcomed Palin as a breakthrough for American women?

John McCain will win - for all the right reasons. Obama will NOT win, not least because Jonah cursed him…

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Anonymous said...

Lefties like Lynne havent commented, because actually this isnt a history making ticket at all. Back in 1984, the Democrats were the first party to have a women on the Presidential ticket.

I trust you are backing that decision by Mr Mondale and this 'leftie' pals, to be breaking history. A selective memory- is very dangerous!