Message to the Electoral commission: study Canada's voting system

Hunter has become a huge fan of CHUMFM, a Canadian radio station.

Canadians will vote in their general election on the 14th of October (Hunter will be there to learn from the Conservatives), when PM Stephen Harper (Con) is expected to be elected with a working majority.

CHUMFM has been carrying ads, on behalf of the government of Ontario, reminding people to vote in the election - and highlighting that they need TWO forms of ID (including proof of residency) to vote. Here, we don't even need a poll card to vote!

Britain's Electoral Commission (EC) is a toothless, spineless and incompetent body.

It would seem at time sthat its only task is to record donations, but, even then, it does little, if anything, to punish parties who provide late or dodgy donations (think of the £2m given to the Lib Dems from crook Michael Brown).

It is high time the EC recommends tightening up the voting rules. Nobody should be allowed to vote without, at least, two forms of ID - Canadian style. Unlikely to happen though; the EC lacks the courage to recommend real changes to root out abuses and the Labour government is, usually, the main benefactors of illegal and multiple voting. Think Bradford and Tower Hamlets...

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