Is Labour set to ditch popular former Mayor?

Rumours are circulating around the borough that Labour is set to de-select Cllr. Sheik Thomson, the jovial Member for Tottenham Hale, for either Zena Brabazon (for it is her!) or Reg Rice, that old has-been.

Given the alternatives, Hunter is considering setting up a Save the Sheik campaign...

Meanwhile, a certain NUT rep is going after Cllr Brian Haley in St. Ann's Ward. More soon.


A Certain NUT Rep said...


You really shouldn't listen to all the pillow talk. I have no intention, ever, of running for political office in Haringey, indeed, as a council employee, I am not lawfully able to stand in St Ann's ward, or any other.

If Cllr Haley is doing a good job, no doubt his ward will reselect him. He and his friends should stop spreading silly rumours and get on with their work.

A Certain NUT Rep

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Are you the employee who is PAID by the council but doesn't WORK for the council with a certain family member with political ambitions???

A Certain NUT Rep said...

No member of the Certain family has any local political ambitions, apart from my Auntie Gideonia Paranoia

'PAID by the council but doesn't WORK for the council'

Sorry pal. You're going to have to narrow it down.

A Certain NUT Rep said...

I work for, and am paid by, the council. What are you saying? That I'm not doing any work? Shouldn't you be pressing for disciplinary action? There are complaints procedures. Bring it on.

The only people we would ever want to see representing St Ann's Ward are people who work hard and do the job well. Nobody in my family is interested, currently, apart from the dog. I wouldn't vote for him at the selection meeting but others might. Stranger things happen.

Ellee Seymour said...

That does not seem very democratic to me.

Anonymous said...

not commenting on Baby P I understand - respect for tragedy and all. But it's very unlike you to not comment on the upcoming by-election in Seven Sisters. Or on Labour's breach with custom in campaigning before Fred Knight is even buried.

Are you ok? Not giving up I hope?

MD said...

Where have you been Hunter? We are missing your fine analysis.
Come back soon!!!