Is Labour set to ditch popular former Mayor?

Rumours are circulating around the borough that Labour is set to de-select Cllr. Sheik Thomson, the jovial Member for Tottenham Hale, for either Zena Brabazon (for it is her!) or Reg Rice, that old has-been.

Given the alternatives, Hunter is considering setting up a Save the Sheik campaign...

Meanwhile, a certain NUT rep is going after Cllr Brian Haley in St. Ann's Ward. More soon.

When the tough gets going, the Lib Dems get nasty and personal...

Previous Lib Dem leaders, e.g. the likable Charles Kennedy, tried, even when their members didn't, to keep personal attacks on their opponents out of the political arena.

So it was rather sad to hear Nick Clegg spending most of his conference speech making nasty personal attacks on David Cameron.

Hunter wonders if, after these ill-advised attacks, the Lib Dems poll position (12% in a poll out today) will drop even further...

PS. Based on today's poll, the Conservatives would win Hornsey and Wood Green and Islington South and Finsbury...

Message to the Electoral commission: study Canada's voting system

Hunter has become a huge fan of CHUMFM, a Canadian radio station.

Canadians will vote in their general election on the 14th of October (Hunter will be there to learn from the Conservatives), when PM Stephen Harper (Con) is expected to be elected with a working majority.

CHUMFM has been carrying ads, on behalf of the government of Ontario, reminding people to vote in the election - and highlighting that they need TWO forms of ID (including proof of residency) to vote. Here, we don't even need a poll card to vote!

Britain's Electoral Commission (EC) is a toothless, spineless and incompetent body.

It would seem at time sthat its only task is to record donations, but, even then, it does little, if anything, to punish parties who provide late or dodgy donations (think of the £2m given to the Lib Dems from crook Michael Brown).

It is high time the EC recommends tightening up the voting rules. Nobody should be allowed to vote without, at least, two forms of ID - Canadian style. Unlikely to happen though; the EC lacks the courage to recommend real changes to root out abuses and the Labour government is, usually, the main benefactors of illegal and multiple voting. Think Bradford and Tower Hamlets...

Answers? Hunter's not saying a mumbling word...

Guess which councillor... (part three)

Guess which Haringey Lib Dem councillor is rumoured to be briefing against a councillor colleague for "being in the pockets of estate agents and developers"?

How long have the Lib Dem 'high command' known about this and what do they propose to do about it now they know?

Guess which councillor... (part two)

Guess which Haringey Liberal Democrat councillor is rumoured to be under an investigation for possibly breaking electoral law, including being falsely registered at two addresses?

How long have the Lib Dem 'high command' known about this and what do they propose to do about it now they know?

Guess which councillor... (part one)

Guess which Haringey Lib Dem councillor is rumoured to be in debt to Haringey Council with his rent (one figure is £10,000)?

How long have the Lib Dem 'high command' known about this and what do they propose to do about it now they know?

Why it has to be McCain-Palin in '08 - and other thoughts on the US contest

Following on from the last post, Hunter has decided - not that he has a vote or is remotely influential - to support John McCain and Sarah Palin in the US election.

Like the Log Cabin Republicans (the gay group in the GOP), Hunter's decision came after some deliberations. The Republicans are still the party of small government and low taxation (even if George W. Bush often forgot). And John McCain has the necessary EXPERIENCE to lead America in a dangerous and unpredictable world. He's also a maverick and is unafraid to stand up to special interest groups and, even, fellow Republicans.

His choice of Sarah Palin was a masterstroke! Hunter dares sceptical readers to watch Sarah Palin's acceptance speech and not to be impressed by her warmth, intelligence and integrity.

What on earth was Barak Obama thinking of when he chose Joe Biden as his running mate? Their equivalents here, Hunter thinks, are David Lammy - big on rhetoric and small on substance - running with Neil Kinnock as his deputy. Scary thought, isn't it?

All the Left - both in America and in Europe - can do to attack their opponents is to use ageist and sexist language.

Why is the Guardian mocking John McCain's age (he's 72) and Sarah Palin's "lack of experience" but not Obama's record of running 'Jack shit'? And why have lefties, like the fragrant Lynne Featherstone, co-incidentally her party's Equalities 'spokesperson', not welcomed Palin as a breakthrough for American women?

John McCain will win - for all the right reasons. Obama will NOT win, not least because Jonah cursed him…

Butler and Lammy - would they be supporting Obama is he was white?

Iain Dale is reporting how Dawn Butler, the over-promoted Labour MP for Brent South, is endorsing Barak Obama. She is now a government whip. There has been a long-standing traditional that our government of the day remains neutral in foreign elections.

David Lammy, Hunter's own MP, has also shamelessly endorsed Obama.

Would they be doing so if Obama was white?

Hunter believes that the best man - or woman - should win based on their experience. Butler and Lammy, if would seem, disagree because the fact is that Barak Obama has NO experience, so what's left...

Can you imagine - quite rightly - the outcry if a white person appeared to be voting for John McCain because he happens to be white?

Hunter sees double standards here. And it stinks!

Bad news for Hunter's LD trolls: leave your name or troll off!

Hunter has, very reluctantly, decided to ban anonymous comments on this blog. Hunter can take criticism, but is not prepared to enter into discussions with anonymous cowards. Like the headlines says, leave your name or troll off!

Hunter will also be blogging more frequently as of day. Posts, though, will be shorter and to the point.

The three main candidates in Alex

Hunter understands that the following people have been picked for the Alexandra Ward by-election:

Joanna Christophides - Labour - local resident

David Douglas - Conservative - local resident

Nigel Scott - Lib Dem - Woodside resident

Does anyone know if there's going to be other parties contesting this by?