What would you like the next Conservative government to do?

Regardless of if you're a Conservative or not (many of you are not), what would you like the next Conservative government to do for you, your family and your community?

And, if you're from a deprived area like Tottenham, how could Conservatives -- working in partnership with the public, private and voluntary sectors -- reduce crime, address inequalities, support businesses, create jobs and provide educational opportunities to name just a few?

Here's Hunter's shopping list, sorry, top five suggestions:

1. Support voluntary organisations like the London Boxing Academy, which is based here in Tottenham. It provides for young adults who do not prosper in conventional educational settings. It teaches Maths and English as well allowing people, mainly young black boys, with sporting opportunities in the form of boxing. The LBA receives little, if any, government funding for the excellent work that they do.

2. Stressing the importance of education to children as young as 5 in our infant schools. Teaching respect in the classroom. Engaging with both parents, where they both exist (as Lynne F has suggested!) Supporting integration through proper funding of ESOL (English as a second language). And, most importantly, giving schools independence by allowing them to teach by ability and exclude disruptive pupils.

3. Bridging the health inequality gaps that exist. Hunter doesn't like 'nannying', so it would be good to empower people by setting up food co-operatives where people can buy fresh and healthy foods at affordable prices. David Cameron has already given his support for this idea, and we have our first food co-operative here on Broadwater Farm. Reducing pollution (Tottenham has one of the highest asthma rates anywhere in London) and encourage exercising. We should make healthy living opportunities by making them affordable, even free, such as swimming (one good Labour idea that has now, so it would seem, been binned). This, in the long-term, will save the NHS money. It is a scandal that a person in Muswell Hill will outlast his counterpart in Northumberland Park by up to 8.2 years.

4. Supporting local GPs. Oppose the closure of local surgeries for four new super-sized 'polyclinics'. The patient-doctor relationship is important and allowing patients, especially the elderly and disabled, to be able to easily reach their GP is equally important. Labour's plans to replace Haringey's 64 GPs with four polyclinics in totally unacceptable.

5. Reduce police bureaucracy and allow the police to spend more time out on patrol. Introduce tough sentencing for those caught carry knives and guns and, at the same time, support literacy, numeracy and rehabilitation programmes in the prisons. End the 'gym culture' that exists in so many of our prisons, where officials would rather invest in weights than Windows.

Now, over to you. Hunter politely requests that you leave constructive posts. Is that asking for too much?


Norfolk Blogger said...

Lie about hotel employess wages ?

Didn't Boris pledge to work to improve the wages of hotel and kitchen staff in London if elected then break this promise when in power ?

Perhaps more yacht holidays (like Cameron is on now) if you get in to power ?

Anonymous said...

For the benefit of my family, friends and beloved borough- the tories can piss right off.


James Schneider said...

Stop telling me my society is broken and that I'm a hard working family. What ever happened to the individual as the building blocks of society?