The "Humourless Bitch" starts to blog!

Well, well, well! Neil Williams, aka the "Humourless Bitch", now has his own blog.

The Highgate councillor proudly stresses that HE was Lynne Featherstone's Agent in the 1997, 2001& 2005 general elections. Is this a 'bitch slap' to Mark Pack who claims to all and sundry that it was HIS efforts that won Lynne the seat?

Whilst they handbag each other, Hunter reluctantly welcomes the Dour One to the blogsphere...

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Norfolk Blogger said...

Justin, in North Norfolk we had an agent in 2001 when we won, but the direction of the campaign and various different aspects were handled by different people with different responsibilities. Someone might be legal agent for a campaign, but they might NOT be campaign manager.