Ding dong, Wayne's finally gone!

Hunter revealed some time back that Cllr. Wayne Hoban (LD, Alexandra Ward) had moved out of Haringey and predicted a by-election, despite assurances in the local press from the Haringey Lib Dems that Wayne was "committed" to Haringey. Had the by-election coincided with the GLA elections on May 1, it would have saved the hard-pressed tax-payer thousands of pounds in savings. What is it with Lib Dems getting the runs? Should Hunter send all the Lib Dem councillors in Haringey a complimentary packet of Loperamide?


Anonymous said...

will the tories finish 4th again?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

I don't think that was the case in the most recent elections, do you?

Anonymous said...

The last time Alexandra voters went to the polls to elect a councillor, these were the results:

ALEXANDRA (electorate 7,974)
Votes cast 3479
Turnout 43.64
Candidate Party Votes Share of vote
Beacham, David LD 1914 18.82
Christophides, Joanna Lab 720 7.08
Hoban, Wayne LD 1937 19.05
Ismail, Mohamed Con 270 2.66
Lipscomb, Helen, Green 500 4.92
McIlroy, Stewart Lab 680 6.69
McNamara, Stuart Lab 661 6.50
Oatway, Susan LD 1966 19.33
Rennie, David Green 521 5.12
Shaughnessy, Michael Green 404 3.97
Shawcross, Rachael Con 310 3.05
Uffindell, Peter Con 286 2.81

The tories came 4th, behind the greens.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Mayoral results, 2008:

Lab: 1,824
Con: 1,205
LD: 629
Green: 239

Anonymous said...

A few inaccuracies here:

Wayne didn't move out "some time back". Whilst it is true that he took up a job outside London a while ago he only moved out on Tuesday of this week.

It also isn't true that it would have saved the tax payer thousands of pounds to have had the by-election on GLA day. GLA elections aren't like general elections or euro elections and are not easily combined with other elections. Indeed they cannot really be done together and the two polls have to happen in parallel. One is an electronic poll, one manual. One is a mixed system, one a straight poll. One uses special unfolded ballot papers, one doesn't. I could go on but I think you get the point. You would have to hire entirely different staff, set up an entirely different system of poll cards, ballot boxes, ballot papers and the like, spend exactly the same amount of extra time as you would if they were on separate days (maybe even slightly more as there is much scope for confusion). You might get a small savings from only having to hire polling stations for one day rather than 2 but we are talking a saving of tens of pounds here not thousands. Indeed as the polling stations might not be big enough to host both polls this might not even be the case - it may even cost more as the Council has to hire portakabins. Finally a party cannot pick actual date of the poll itself - the council has the discretion to have it at any time between 25 and 35 working days form the day it is called: a choice of 2 Thursdays. Given how confusing and difficult the GLA is anyway without any unnecessary complications it is highly likely that even had the Lib Dems given the council a choice of days including the GLA day the council would have chosen the other Thursday (the one a week before or a week after).

Finally i think it's a bit misleading giving the mayoral figures which have no relation to this contest:

Here is the constituency:
LD 1422
Lab 1084
Tory 754

The List:
LD 1104
Lab 1072
Tory 825

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

I would have used the other two results but I simply could not find them on my pc. What they do show is that there's been a big-ish swing from the LDs to Cons and Lab in just two years.

Why, when everyone knew he had sold up, were you claiming in the local press that he was "committed" to Haringey?

When's Oatway resigning (having also moved out the borough)?

A curious pedant said...

Did you see any of the Conservative literature in Highgate for the 2006 local elections?

That was full of stuff comparing the 2004 GLA election with the 2002 local elections and making similar points about how the Liberal Democrat vote was collapsing, there was a big swing to the Conservatives, the Conservatives were set to do well etc etc etc.

Of course the actual result was Conservatives didn't win and Liberal Democrat majority went up.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Oh Justin, quoting the mayoral result sis getting a little desperate. You know, as well as me that local election results are different from mayoral results.

Another good chance for you to come 4th (you might make 5th ?) in Haringey.

Anonymous said...

Got yourself a candidate yet?

Anonymous said...

What's that? Can't even find a candidate?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Yes, we have! Why would I tell you? According to Flock Together, you don't have one.