A few weeks off from politics

Boo! Hunter's back! Took two, almost three, weeks off from politics to visit friends -- David, Fiona, Alice, Ben, Grace and Lydia -- in Sheffield. It's always a pleasure, if a little exhausting, staying with them in a smart part of the city. Apart from Sheffield itself, Hunter visited the Devonshires' pad, Chatsworth House, Bakewell and Sherwood Forest (see picture above - Hunter standing next to an 800 y-o tree!). Returned to London to watch Boris leading the Gay Pride celebrations, where he was given a warm reception, and spent the following day at Legoland in Windsor (the heavens opened from start to finish and Hunter was a little Hung-over). Spent the last two days at garden parties in Fortis Green and Southgate Village (both Tory fund-raising ‘dos’ but I’m not sure if they would count as political as such?).

I'm back now to offer you my thoughts and share juicy gossip - stay tuned!


Patriccus said...

Welcome back Hunter - hope you'll be around for a few bevvies before I depart in August?

L said...

ive so missed you!

Anonymous said...

As have I, you sexy thing!