For sale: Northern Ireland - £2

Dan Hannan, not somebody Hunter noramally views in a high regard, is reporting in his Telegraph blog that the DUP sold their nine votes (over 42 days) for £200m.

Hunter strongly suggests that the next Conservative government sells Northern Ireland to the Republic for £2. Northern Ireland is a backward and bankrupt province that will never prosper whilst the DUP is in charge - and there's no sign of that changing.


d@\/ e said...

Is that in sterling or euro? :-)

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Jonathan M. Scott said...

I can't believe you think this of my country.

I support David Davis, I will be helping his by-election campaign, but I am also an Ulsterman, am back working in Belfast again, and vote DUP over here (Conservatives poll a few hundred votes in Westminster elections here). I have pushed thousands of Tory leaflets, including recently in Crewe.

Dan Hannan is wrong - there is no evidence to back up his claim. Brown believed until the last minute he was going to lose the 42 days vote, and the DUP decided at the last minute to support it because of terrorism in the past in Northern Ireland. Almost all DUP MPs are evangelcal Christians and, even if you don't agree with them, they don't tell lies (unlike many politicians).

You are wrong to say that my country is backward and bankrupt. We have a long history of entrepreneurship and innovation, and a now has high rate of self-employment and business formation. Yes, there is high public sector employment but then we lost most of our manufacturing industry in the last 35 years. Employment opportunities here are scarce, which is why I spent 7 years working in England, and why many of my fellow Ulsterpeople end up never returning.

Northern Ireland IS prospering and you shouldn't disparage us over one vote.

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Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Vote DUP, yet you helped DD? Strange fellow!