Lynne came into my bedroom and made me laugh out loud

At around 22:20 last night (Sunday), Lynne's voice came booming into my bedroom (where Hunter was about to catch up on some beauty sleep - no jokes!). Asked by the "Westminster Hour's Carolyn Quinn what should be done about the terrible situation in Zimbabwe, Lynne said something like, 'Well, Nick Clegg is going to make a speech on it (Zimbabwe) tomorrow at Chatham House...'

Bet the evil Mugabe is quaking in his boots! Or maybe Lynne, a big Huhne fan, was taking the piss?

A busy few weeks

Hunter hasn't been able to blog much of late because I've been doing 'constituency business' (are non-MPs allowed to use that term?)

Met, along with the delightful Elizabeth Berridge from the Conservative Christian Fellowship, the leaders of some of Tottenham's black-led churches. Told them about Lammy's support for abortion at 24 weeks etc., etc. As a result, Hunter is now involved in setting up the Conservative African Forum - a body to promote the Party in the African communities here in the UK and to brief the Shadow Cabinet and the Party generally on African affairs.

Took a small delegation from the Ward's Corner Coalition to City Hall to meet Mayor Johnson's deputy, Cllr. Richard Barnes, to discuss Labour's plans to flog the building to Grainger PLC. The meeting went VERY well.

Prepared a leaflet for our stall at the Tottenham Carnival. Thankfully, it didn't rain and young Sam erected our gazebo, despite me having lost the instructions during last year's monsoon. Lots of positive responses - the only negative comments came from white middle-class incomers (overspill from the 'white heartlands' of Crouch End and Muswell Hill) who are far too grand too vote Tory - so they vote Lib Dem insread. At election times, they lord it over us by displaying Lib Dem posters in their period houses (mainly on the Harringay Ladder). This is, basically, telling the world 'Look at us! We're middle-class, read the Guardian and aren't we smug about it!' Pass me the sickbag, Alice!

Attended the 'Summer Sizzler' -- a night of fun, fun, fun -- to celebrate the campaign to save Ward's Corner. Saw lots of old and new friends there. Took David Allen, the new Chairman of Hornsey and Wood Green Conservatives, and Jason, a local mate/supporter from Northumberland Park. Hunter's legs were FUBAR after trying to whine to Buster Poindexter's 'Hot, Hot, Hot'.

Now selling Tory raffle tickets @ £1 per ticket (75p is returned to Tottenham Conservatives!). Any more takers?

For sale: Northern Ireland - £2

Dan Hannan, not somebody Hunter noramally views in a high regard, is reporting in his Telegraph blog that the DUP sold their nine votes (over 42 days) for £200m.

Hunter strongly suggests that the next Conservative government sells Northern Ireland to the Republic for £2. Northern Ireland is a backward and bankrupt province that will never prosper whilst the DUP is in charge - and there's no sign of that changing.

Ding dong, Ali's gone - and Hunter is proved right!

Cllr. Ali Demirci is the latest councillor to cross the floor on Haringey Council from the Dim Lebs to Labour. Why? Because the Lib Dems don't have anything positive to offer the people of Haringey. At the recent elections, they lost two out of the three contests in Hornsey and Wood Green and, worse still, were a poor fourth in Tottenham - behind the Greens. The Conservatives locally and nationally are resurgent under David Cameron's leadership. In Haringey, like everywhere else in the country, people will have a choice between a Labour government under Gordon Brown or a new, progressive and listening one under David Cameron. The Lib Dem are increasingly irrelevant and Ali's defection to one of the bigger parties is evidence of this fact.

And Hunter takes great delight in being proved right!

A big 'thank you' to Anon, who gave me the idea for the above title in the previous thread.

Stop press: More Lib Dem trouble - will update within the next 24 hours.