More trouble for Haringey Lib Dems

Hunter has just been given two juicy pieces of gossip.

Apparently, Cllr. Susan Oatway has also moved out of the borough. Only one out the three Alexandra ward councillors -- the hapless Cllr. David Beacham -- now lives in the borough. This, if true, is a major blow for them as Cllr. Oatway is widely seen as one of the better LD members on the Council. Hoban sold up and moved out months ago.

And that at least one of the Lib Dems' BME councillors is in talks with Haringey Labour about switching sides. He claims that the LD Front Bench on the Council is "too middle class and white". Too true!

All this come just days after it was revealed that the LDs lost two out of the three votes in Hornsey and Wood Green and slumped into third and fourth place in Tottenham.

It couldn't happen to a nicer party!


David Allen said...

perhaps you should do a 'Where are they now?' piece on all the LibDems who have been elected in Haringey over the last 10 years and then cut and run. There are so many of them! Why do the LibDems keep picking transients to stand for council? People with no longstanding commitment to the area, who leave town at the first opportunity. Or do they just move as an excuse to leave the goddawful LibDem group?
And, correct me if I'm wrong, but perhaps another interesting piece would be on 'Haringey and the West Lothian Question'--with the election of Gorrie, isn't this the 3rd Haringey LibDem leader in a row to hail from Scotland? At this rate even the sad Ron Aitken will think he's in with a chance! What is it about Scotsmen that they think they have a God-given right to come south, stick their snouts in the English taxpayers' trough and boss all of us around--at our own expense?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

David, thanks for your take on things. isn't it funny how our Lib Dem trolls have not dared to refute the claims on this thread?

Anonymous said...

Is it Cllr Ali Demirci who wants to suddenly switch.... I have observed him hanging around Cllr Canver and other Labour politicians recently.....

Give us a hint who this BME councillor from the Lib Dems is?

Anonymous said...

i have been hearing for a very long time about fayez crossing over too, it could possibly be him too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ding dong Ali's gone! And you were very very slow reporting the news. A little behind the time are we? Or are Labour not as good mates with you as you thought.