Gossip round-up

* A well-known Brother from the Haringey Soviet Council emailed Hunter to suggest that it was no accident that Ken launched his mayoral bid in Hornsey and Wood Green and that the CLP there have invited Ken's close pal Brother Skinner to woo back anti-war folk who deserted them for Lynne Featherstone.

* LD Matt Davies, for it is him again, has been ousted from the O&S committee by Ron Aitken (of all people!!!) That'll teach him for - well, you know what...

* LD Wayne Hoban, their man in Alex, has now officially abandoned his constituents for a life and job outside of London. Just when will he do the decent thing and resign his seat?

More soon...

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Anonymous said...

The latest gossip from the Hornsey and Wood Green CLP is that finally Karen Jennings has written to the chair and withdrawn her name as parliamentary candidate for the constituency for "personal and family reasons".

Our " Wood Green Deep Throat" tells us that Jennings has been less than chuffed with the quality of the local membership and their capacity, let alone desire, to support her.

Some of the Sisters, we hear, have been "less than Sisterly".

Although her opinion of the leadership of the CLP is unprintable, in the case of he website fiasco, she firmly blames less the incompetence of the CLP officers and rather more on the concerted activities of bitter Sisters whose ambitions she has thwarted.

She has been heard to say that just because Labour is going down in flames in 2010 there is no reason she should.

After all she reasons, a a loss in Hornsey and Wood Green might damage her long running campaign to nab the very well paying Unison top job