Exclusive: Sensational news from the Haringey Soviet!

Red Ken, turfed out by Boris last week, may be seeking greener pastures in Hornsey & Wood Green according to local Labour sources!

How come?

Well, it's no surprise that Haringey Labour activists are furious with their selected candidate, Karen Jennings, who has completely failed to make any impact on the electorate. Perhaps she's too busy with her union work, but it's still pretty shameful that she hasn't updated her website since July 2007!

Apparently, Karen is to be quietly invited to step aside to allow Ken to make a comeback--representing at least a part of London back in parliament.

If anyone could unseat Lynne Featherstone and win H&WG back for Labour, it's Ken Livingstone. No matter how many of her millions poor Lynne chucks at the seat, Ken would be a shoe-in for them.

I can see this working well: Ken gets 12-18 months off to write his memoirs, launches them in a blaze of media activity, then 3-6 months' later he is standing at the General Election.

At the age of 62, Ken still has a lot of life in him. True, he couldn't be handed a safe Labour seat in the face of competition from a bunch of young Labour hopefuls. But the rationale of him standing against Lynne, with her 'comfortable' majority and winning it back for Labour would be quite a coup for him, and a great 'final race' of his career.

He could then retire at 68/ 69, having spent 4 or 5 years as a grand old Labour statesman in the Commons, harrying the new Conservative government of Cameron--and having seen off nearly all the hateful New Labour types, who will of course have lost their parliamentary seats in 2009/ 2010, just as ken was making his comeback!

Go for it, Ken! Go for it H&WG CLP!


Kevin said...

No chance.

Ken never liked being an MP (just read Andrew Hoskyn's excellent recent biography "Ken"), and Gordon Brown and most of the parliamentary Labour party hates his guts.

david allen said...

What's it got to do with Gordon? Sounds like a winner to me. Ken's PLP enemies are on the way out, I can see how it would appeal to him to see them oof. I see too that London Lite this evening is also talking about Ken making a comeback as an MP... Are any local Labour bods prepared to comment on this story?

Blue Eyes said...

Being an MP is probably a bit too much like hard work for Ken, and wasn't he rather outspoken about how childish the place was when he got a better job?

Kevin said...

Also remember that Ken likes and respects the Lib Dems - he love bombed them relentlessly for their second preferences and said during the campaign that he agreed with 90% of their policies (and on some issues such as Iraq he is closer to them than to his own party). Also remember his kind words about the LDs in his concession speech. I don't think Ken would fight a LD-Lab marginal seat.

More likely, in the event that he tries to get back into parliament, it will be in a safe seat or a Lab-Con marginal.

Buggerhed said...

I found your blog from last year citing Hornsey & Wood Green was an All Women Short List. Would Ken not need to cut his nackers off to stand for selection here?