Now there are two

Hunter has not seen any Labour posters up here in Tottenham - until today. One "Vote Labour" post has appeared in a shabby-looking house and the other is in the front of a chaotic-looking Somali shop, which also has a poster up to advertise a book on how to 'get the right marks' for British Citizenship. Looks like Leavingsoon's promise to give illegal immigrants free travel on London transport is paying off in some quarters.


Anonymous said...

I am SO looking forward to seeing this obnoxious man consigned to the scrapheap. He really does deserve to spend more time with his families. Did you see his shameless soliciting of LibDem second preference votes in the NewsNight debate this week? I was pleased to see that paddick refused to be drawn and wouldn't back Ken at all. Ken looked quite hurt!

Mash said...

Some of these Somali internet cafes are quite dodgy too, with many of them with secretive stores at the back behind a closed door lol hahha I went to an internet cafe, where a Somali woman walked in empty handed and walked out with ten carrier bags of new items, this was after spending twenty minutes in an internet cafe lol..........I did not know you can do Tesco style shopping in an internet cafe lol ;-0