China, China, China - Out! Out! Out! Free Tibet!

Hunter braved the snow and headed into central London yesterday, along with a Tory chum from Hornsey & Wood Green, to register my protest at recent events in Tibet and the human rights situation generally in China.

I appreciate that China won the right to hold the Olympics fair and square, but weren't we all told back then that this would lead to an improvement in Chinese human rights and China evolving to adopt the sort of standards that prevail in western, liberal democratic countries? I can't see much evidence of that having happened! In fact, the reverse seems to be true: if their recent behaviours in Tibet, over Darfur etc. are anything to go by, they just seem to have become even more arrogant and set in their repressive ways.

I sympathise with the argument of the athletes: if every British business is bending over backwards to trade with China (and we're all now wearing socks 'Made in China'), then why should sport be the only area to make a sacrifice? I'm not arguing for non-participation in the Olympics, but it was a step too far to allow a triumphalist parade through the streets of London. (I understand that this particular Olympic tradition was actually the brainchild of one A. Hitler, devised to promote his Nazi regime at the time of the 1936 Berlin Olympics).

What made matters even worse, and what clinched it for me to head into central London for this protest, was the sight of British sporting heroes being 'guarded' by a bunch of Chinese State security goons! If the torch parade had to proceed, couldn't the torch-bearer have been flanked by British sportsclub members or British bobbies? To allow the frontline security for this event on London's streets to be handed over to these sinister-looking 'heavies' supplied by a repressive foreign power was a grotesque decision! Were they flown in specially for the occasion? I wonder what their last 'assignment' was? Beating people up on the streets of Lhasa in Tibet perhaps?

Who allowed this to happen? Was it the ever-useless Commissioner Blair? Or our low-rent 'Home Secretary' Jaqui Smith? They should both be fired immediately for having brought this country and British policing into disrepute.

The icing on the cake, when I got home, was to see that Gordon's Gang were just too gormless to have seen this PR disaster unfolding all day, and actually allowed these Chinese security 'guards' to enter Downing Street, push people around in front of the TV cameras and organise the photo shoot! How weak! How pathetic! Gordon isn't even master of his own doorstep, let alone the country! That's one video clip I hope gets repeated endlessly......


David Allen said...

Well said! I understand from Croydonian that Number 10 have just 'pulled' the vidoe clip of Gordon-and-the Chinese-thugs-in-blue form the Downing Street website..... perhaps they have read your piece? ;-)

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