Labour's Lyn "Give 'Em Minimum Wage" Brown

Ken Leaving-soon raised the minimum wage for London to £7.20 - to reflect the fact that, under his Mayoralty, London is the most expensive city in the world. It would appear the West Ham's Labour MP Lyn Brown appears to have taken things a bit too literally: she's looking for a minion to staff her office and is offering the paltry sum of, er, £7.20 an hour. What a meanie!


Croydonian said...

Is there something wrong with her face, or has she just sat on something?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she's just caught Eric and Ernie in flagrante delicto in the Mayor's parlour! (see below)

Anonymous said...

A couple of things:

Commenting on her appearance is spiteful and unnecessary. Attack her politics by all means (please!) but keep it civil;

A lot of MPs staff their offices with unpaid 'interns' who are supposed to be grateful for the opportunity.

That said, Lyn Brown isn't fit to shine the shoes of her late, lamented predecessor.