Emma goes for Europe

Hunter's favourite little eco-warrior is in the process of wooing Labour members to become a London Euro-MP. Cllr. Emma Jones, the 25 year-old Member for Bruce Grove, may well succeed according to Make My Votes Count, a cross-party pressure group which campaigns for "electoral reform". As all three London Labour MEPs are seeking re-election, little Emma is expecting to come fourth - meaning if, in the unlikely event, Labour gains another member, she will be in. Equally, if one retires, enters the House or Commons or dies, Emma will 'move up' one. She won't, of course, be eating any Belgium chocolate if she lands a job in Brussels: she's a vegan!

Hunter wishes her well.


lettersfromatory said...

Oh great, another pressure group that campaigns for 'electoral reform'. How many is that now?

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Don't know, LFAT.