Congratulations, Richard

David Cameron has made our -- Tottenham Conservatives' - President Richard Balfe his personal envoy to the trades unions and co-operative movements. Apparently, and music of Hunter's ears, 30% of trades unionists vote Conservative. People of all classes and professions have been let down by Labour. The Conservative tent is getting bigger and better. Unlike the NuLabour tent circa 1997, this one isn't going to fall apart after we win the election. We're committed to building a Britain which is economically prosperous, has world-class public services, where people are happy and healthy and where we can stand tall and proud on the world stage. Richard has a platform here on ConservativeHome Good luck, Richard!

Stop press: Conservatives have just released these figures…

Since Gordon Brown became Prime Minister the cost of...

... Butter is up by 37%

... Dozen eggs is up by 34%

... Loaf of bread is up by 28%

... Flour is up by 22%

... Pint of milk up by 17%

... Cheese up ny 17%

... Sack of potatoes up by 11%

... Gas and fuel up by 10%

... Petrol up by 8%

Hunter thinks a majority of trades unionists could well vote Conservative at the next general election - hardworking families and individuals can no-longer afford this Labour government.

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