Bizarre titles and positions in Labour Newham

Hunter is having a 'Newham Day' - both of today's stories are in relation to the east London borough (Lyn "Give 'Em Minimum Wage" Brown is one of Newham's MPs, see story below).

Hunter has just viewed the Newham Council website and came across some comical titles for the Council's Executive/Lead members.

Here are some examples:

Cllr. Christine Bowden - Deputy Mayor and Executive Member for Human Resources and Industrial Relations (WTF?)

Cllr. James Butler - Deputy Community Executive Adviser, Community Forums (Knowledge) (WTF?)

Cllr. Ian Corbett - Executive Member *for* Anti-Social Behaviour (shurely shome mishtake?)

Cllr. Unmesh Desai - Executive Member for Community Intelligence (WTF?)

Cllr. David Griffin - Executive Member for Electoral Engagement (why?)

Cllr. June Leitch - Executive Member for Public Realm (WTF?)

Cllr. Amarjit Singh - Executive Member for Trade Unions and Schools (WTF?)

Anyone or any Council able to beat that?

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