Lib Dem Euro rebel - what should Clegg do?

This is the question been posed by Norfolk Blogger. David Heath, a Euro-sceptic, some might say opportunist, MP for the highly marginal Lib Dem-Con (and Euro-sceptic)seat of Somerset and Frome has broken ranks with the party leadership to call for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Ming said a referendum would be held on the Constitution but Clegg claims that the Treaty is different, so they are not breaking their manifesto commitment, which called for a vote. Heath strongly disagrees.

Hunter actually agrees with Clegg! Heath should probably be sacked. If you're in the shadow cabinet or, in their case, on the front bench, you should abide by collective responsibility. If you cannot do that, then you should resign and speak from the bank benches.

What do YOU think? Should Clegg keep or sack Heath? Vote in Norfolk Blogger's on-line poll.

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