Amusing note sent to Hunter - Lib Dem Highgate campaign under fire from Derek Faye!

Dear Hunter,

I am writing to you now because I have received no satisfaction from Mr Neil Williams regarding my complaint. Last week, I was canvassed for this Highgate by-election by a Liberal Democrat representative. Looking down at his electoral roll, he asked if they could have my support and I said 'well yes, dear, I've always been one for the Lib Dems.' Then he said 'I see you live here with a Mr Leonard Mincing, can I assume...?' Assume! Ever since mother passed on, God rest her soul, and my friend Leonard moved in from Herons Lea over the way to give me a bit of company, people will assume! Well, I said to him: 'How very dare you!' He then said he was only asking if he could assume Leonard was one for the Lib Dems too, but I know what he meant. I ask you, just because I haven't met the right girl yet and share a flat and a Franklin Mint Collection with a man who has a different surname, people think we're living in HarinGAY not Highgate! If you ask me, the whole Lib Dem operation here in Haringey reeks of impertinence!

Yours sincerely, dear,

Mr Derek Faye

High Sheldon

Highgate, N6.

Meow! Now, Hunter knows perfectly well that Derek Faye in a camp character, created by Catherine Tate, who denies his sexuality. Nevertheless, it's an amusing letter (unknown author) which may even bring a small smile to the Humourless Bitch!

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Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Derek would be a LibDem! And they do say that Nan Taylor is based on Sheila Peacock!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Wot, my Sheila? Wot a fucking liberty!