Why the Lib Dems are right on Europe

One of Norfolk Blogger's hopes for 2008 was that Hunter would write a pro-Lib Dem post. Nich's wish has just come true!

The Lib Dems are the only political party with a sensible approach towards our membership of the European Union. Many in my own party and in the Labour party, aided by an unholy alliance of the red tops and anti-capitalist trade unionists, are calling for a referendum on the European Treaty. The treaty, agreed by European leaders in 2007, is highly complex. So much so, most people wouldn't understand it or the many benefits from it, e.g. a EU foreign minister - which would give us Europeans far more clout on the international stage. And, of course, europhobes would turn any referendum on the treaty into a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU itself.

The Lib Dems have said no to a referendum on the treaty. Instead, they have pledged to hold one on our membership of the EU. Britain really needs to decide if she wants to be in or out. A debate needs to be had and the issue needs to be settled one way or another (Hunter's view is that a 'no' vote would at least settle the issue for the next 25 years).

Hunter would, of course, join the majority of Lib Dem, Labour and, probably, a majority of Conservative, MPs to vote to stay in and fulfil our destiny in the EU - as was the case in 1975.


Neil said...

Like the Lib Dems are right on so many occasions.

David Allen said...

This post is a joke, right?

Newmania said...

What the fuck are you talking about Justin?
The treaty, agreed by European leaders in 2007, is highly complex. So much so, most people wouldn't understand it

Speak for yourself The economy is highly complex but we get to vote on who runs that. The LibDem trick is to always have a escalator in and a cliff out. They are being as disengenous a usual and its because this is their achilles heel the point at which their commitment to Liberty (small) is exposed as nothing beside their hatered of the country.(large )
When were the British asked of they wanted to cease to be a country and is it concievable that they would said ..yer alright then.

A mystifying post and what is the point of having influence abroad if we do not decide what that influence should be .

Norfolk Blogger said...

I think you'll find that Justin makes a very well reasoned case as to why the Lib Dems are right.

Your membership form is in the post Justin.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

If you were true liberals, NB, I'd seriously consider doing it. But you're not -- more SDP for my liking.

N, that's why we need a referendum on our actual membership of the EU - to clear the air, at least for the next 25. We simply cannot go along with one foot in and one foot out.