Why are so many Socialists ugly?

By pure co-incidence, Hunter came across Cllr. Terry Kelly's website. Kelly is a "Socialist" (aka New Labour) councillor on Renfrewshire Council, Scotland. He may be a really nice guy. Oil painting he is not. This lead Hunter to wonder, 'just why are so many Socialists as ugly as sin?’ Nationally, think Margaret Beckett, George Howarth and Ken Livingstone. Locally, think Cllr. Bob Harris, Karen Jennings and Keith Flett. Hunter cannot think of a single beautiful Socialist - can you?

Sure, all the parties have their share of uglies. Why, though, do Socialists have far more of them than the other parties, possibly, put together?

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Anonymous said...

I don't care too much for ugly trots either, but Lib dem cllr for stroud green Richard Wilson is Hot Hot Hot