Quote of the year (so far)

From the Guardian's Comment is Free (CIF)

"It must be irony day at CIF - first Alistair Campbell on media ethics, now Keith Best on financial probity for MPs. Something preachy from Blunkett and Mandelson surely can't be far behind" - 'Downsman'


David Allen said...

More context, please, Hunter! For those of your readers who don't remember, Best was the former Tory MOP for Ynys Mon, sent to prison for making multiple applications for British gas shares _ a common practice at the time, and a terribly excessive punishment, but it was right he had to step down as an MP. Hasn't he become a hand-wringing lefty in recent years? Whenever I have heard of him recently, it has been to call for more asylum seekers to come to Britain.

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

Actually, David, it was BT. His wife is a formidable woman - obviously likes dodgy men, though.

PS. Doesn't Best look like the KaczyƄski twins?