The importance of being consistent at Home and Abroad

Hunter has just learnt of some extremely disturbing news. ConservativeHome is reporting that William Hague, he of the disastrous "Save the Pound" campaign, is in talks with the homophobic Law and Justice Party - formerly led by the crazy Kaczyński twins - to join British Conservative MEPs in the European Reform group.

Since David Cameron's election as Leader of the Conservative Party, much has changed - and for the better. After the next general election, we are set to have more BME and gay MPs than, probably, Labour and the Lib Dems combined. And they were selected on merit, not by using politically-correct and patronising systems. Despite their rhetoric, Labour and the Lib Dems talk about representing modern Britain but they don't. Conservatives do.

By Conservative MEPs jumping into bed with unknown travellers and others with repugnant views, like Poland's Law and Justice Party, we risk undermining all the good work that has been done to brand ourselves as a compassionate and inclusive party. It's important that we're consistent - at home and abroad. For that reason, David Cameron must keep our MEPs in the main centre-right grouping, the European People's Party. It's not too late.

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