Highgate by-election

There's to be a council by-election in Highgate - on the Haringey side, which is Hunter's home turf. Justin Portess, a Lib Dem, quit the Council and left the local Lib Dems bomb-shocked and reeling. Portess was only elected 18 months ago - just why do the local Lib Dems continually select candidates who will not stay the full course? Perhaps Portess didn't actually expect to win?

Cllr. Matt Davies speaks well of Portess, but Hunter never saw Portess speak once in the Council Chamber. Nor did he have any sort of profile in the local media.

Running scared of a resurgent Conservative Party under David Cameron, the Lib Dems have called the by-election, at a cost of £20,000 to the taxpayer, on Thursday 6th March - just a month before 'Super Thursday' - when Highgate residents vote in the London elections. Voters won't thank them for forcing them to vote TWICE in less than TWO months.

The Lib Dems have not, according to my little yellow bird, selected a candidate yet. They will select on Monday, 28th January at the Three Compasses, Hornsey. Apparently, in a letter to their members, they enclosed a map of Highgate Ward - so members outside N6, like their two remaining councillors, know how to find it. They also asked for donations - starting off with a £50 tick box. Perhaps Lynne's money has all dried up?

This, of course, comes just months after Lib Dem Cllr. Catherine Harris defected to the Labour Group on Haringey Council - accusing the Lib Dems of political opportunism.

This will be an interesting election - it won't be who runs the council (unfortunately we have to wait until 2010 for that) but making sure Highgate's voice is heard loudly and clearly on Haringey Councilon.

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