And now there are two

Hackney Lib Dem councillor Joseph Stauber has defected to Labour - leaving just two Lib Dems on the Council (vs. 1 Green, 9 Conservative and 45 for Labour). This story wasn't mentioned on Lib Dem Voice. Mark Pack is so obsessed with defections, he normally lists them (even when a councillor crosses the floor on parish council!).

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David Allen said...

We must make sure the good folk of Highgate know how many LD councillors locally are going over to Labour these days. If they're not defecting, they're treating a seat on the council as a stepping stone to parliament or becoming so depressed in the LibDem group they just can't face seeing out their elected term. Where do they get these candidates from? Do you think they send letters out to the public with a map saying 'If you live here, you can stand for the LD??' (Whoops! Apparently, they do!)