My 8 wishes for 2008

Norfolk Blogger (aka Nich Starling) has tagged me to do a 'meme' on my 8 wishes for 2008. Here goes:

1. For Ken Livingstone to be kicked out of Office by somebody, anybody...

2. For Haringey Council to tell property developers Grainger to go take a run and jump (this would save Tottenham's historic Ward's Corner)

3. For the Conservative Party in the European Parliament to stay with our friends in the EPP

4. For Nich Starling to say something nice about David Cameron

5. For ConservativeHome to introduce registration to weed out UKIP-supporting trolls

6. For the Darzi Health Review to be binned (this would save A&E departments across London)

7. For Tony Blair to make a substantial donation to a pro-Life charity (as a penance for his anti-Life voting record in Parliament)

8. For Dr. James to say "yes" and take me up the aisle!

I now tag The Darkerside of Bridget Jones, Suz, Cllr. Matt Davies, Cllr. Alan Dobbie, Patrick Cusworth and Neil Woollcott


Newmania said...

You don`t want to lose some weight then ?


Anonymous said...

or drink less?

Ellee Seymour said...

I certainly agree with you on No 3. It's going to be a very messy business.