Hunter's back

Yes, I know you've missed me. Was in Ireland for four days (God, it was cold!) - visiting Dr. James' brother, sister-in-law and twin children in Co. Wicklow. And not a single alcoholic drink passed through Hunter's lips. Since being back in the UK, I've attended endless Christmas events. One was especially enjoyable: that of the Tottenham Civic Society, which met at Bruce Grove's San Marco's restaurant. The food wasn't too bad and the company excellent. A big 'thank you' to Matthew (the Chairman) for asking me to be his guest, and to Joyce (the Secretary) for organising it.

David Schmitz, Lib Dem candidate for Tottenham, was also there and I was delighted to congratulate him in person on becoming a father for the first time. Politically, Hunter's had some good coverage in the local press for picking up on a report by the TaxPayer's Alliance which has exposed Labour Haringey for tripling its spending on spin by 331.2% in just ten years or from £844,000 in 1996/7 to £3,369,000 in 2006/7. Unfortunately, the Journal used a terrible picture of me and the Ham&High swallowed some of Labour's spin in its reporting. On the former, Hunter once had a VERY alcohol lunch in Highgate with an old chum and then, afterwards, decided to have a hair cut on the Archway Road. The result? They shaved all my hair off! The Journal wanted a picture of me the following day...

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Tom Mason said...

Ouch, I remember that haircut! Even shorter than mine ;-)

Welcome back mate!