Hackney Fib Dems say 'It's a two-horse race' - agreed, but they're not in the running

Hunter has been involved in literally hundreds of by-elections since becoming active in politics (some thirteen years ago), so Hunter's used to seeing dodgy Lib Dem bar charts claiming it's a "two-horse race" between X and them and Y "Can't win here". To be fair, they are usually based on past *election* results - be they local, Parliamentary or GLA-based.

Hackney Lib Dems, though, have reached a new low. On Thursday (20/12) there is a council by-election in Springfield Ward, following the resignation of the Conservatives' Eric Ollerenshaw. Just look at the results for the last set of elections, held in May 2006:

Coffer, Felicity Rebecca Liberal Democrats 198
Donovan, Dennis Arthur Liberal Democrats 188
Goldman, Monty Communist Party of Britain 113
Goulbourne, Hugh Ian Labour 531
Landau, Jacob Conservative 836
Leonelli, Herbert Green 264
Mulready, Nora Labour 538
O'Brien, Christopher Liberal Democrats 163
Ollerenshaw, Eric Conservative 794
Osaigbovo, Florence Labour 503
Shaikh, Shuja Conservative 724

The Fib Dems are clearly fourth, right? In this election, you guessed it, they are claiming it's a two-horse race between Conservatives and Lib Dems and that Labour can't win here. They base this absurd claim on the fact that Stamford Hill has twelve *councillors*, of which nine are Conservative and three are Lib Dems. Yes, but what does that prove? They are still fourth in this ward, no? Labour are, rightly so, furious with them. Hackney, as everyone knows, is a rotten Labour borough and it's the Conservatives who take on - and beat - Labour in Stamford Hill, not the Fib Dems!

Hat tip: Luke Akehurst


Luke Akehurst said...

Just wait until we crush you at the election next week. We know how to fill a ballot box!

Justin Hinchcliffe said...

If you win, I shall propose to Ms. Abbott!!!

Graeme said...

Justin -- the LibDems did appallingly badly. (The Tories had a fantastic result - winning with ~1300 votes - well up on last May). Everything you say about the LDs is, of course, correct. They polled about 110 votes.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

There is of course a strong tradition of Orthodox Jews voting for an Orthodox Jewish councillor. Nevertheless, an excellent victory for the Conservatives.

The LibDems are seen in the wider Jewish community as the most anti-semitic of the three main parties.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year